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The Winner Of The FIFA 2014 Jersey World Cup Is Germany!

Without kicking a single ball at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the German football team is already scooping plaudits. The plaudits are mostly coming from fashionistas, style enthusiasts and of course football fans.

They are coming because of the Germany World Cup 2014 jerseys.

There is a wide consensus in both the football and fashion world that the German kit is the best by a mile. Even fans of German´┐Żs ardent rivals like Spain and Italy can't help but express their admiration.

The ultimate question is "what is the cause of the excitement"?

A Simple Design

Leonardo Da Vinci famously said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". The designers of German's jerseys must have had this at the back of their mind.

The Jerseys are the perfect fusion of simplicity, elegance and style. The Home Jersey is mostly white with a classy three-tone chevron at the front. It has subtle stripes on the sides which give it a distinctive look, and a miniature v-neck which oozes of class.

It is simple, eye-catching and distinct.

However, the away jersey is the one causing all the sensation. It features an elegant red and black hoop design with deep-red bands contrasting with black rugby stripes.

It has a sleek two-button collar which gives it a classy, trendy look. The result is a stylish jersey which would be well at home in any up-market fashion exhibition.

At the unveiling of the World Cup Kit on Feb 13th, Mesut Ozil said "The new jersey looks great and reminds me of Flamengo Rio de Janeiro's kit - that is sure to bring us luck for the World Cup in Brazil."

Both the home and away jerseys feature the German football association logo on the left chest, and the Addidas logo on the right. Each jersey also has an iconic band across the shoulders and the words "Die Nationalmannschaft" (The National Team) printed on the back.

The German 2014 World Cup jersey is one of the lightest ever designed by Adidas. The jerseys are made from 100% polyester - the finest, softest and most comfy polyester on the market.

The jerseys also feature the ground-breaking ClimaCool Technology which ensures minimum heat, discomfort and perspiration.

In a nutshell, the jerseys are designed to ensure that players have the most comfortable experience while on the field.

This is perhaps the reason why they are being touted as the best World Cup 2014 jerseys.


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A Fashion Statement

The German World Cup Jersey is causing a sensation mostly because of its usefulness beyond the pitch. Its classy, elegant design means that those who appreciate style can wear it with confidence.

It can be perfect for physical activities like jogging, exercise and amateur sports. However, its stylish look also makes it perfect for beach parties, clubbing and other weekend leisure activities.

In a nutshell, the German World Cup 2014 jersey is perfectly designed for both on-pitch and off-the pitch activities. On the pitch, it provides protection, comfort and inspiration thus enabling players to perform to their maximum.

Off-the-pitch, it is a statement of class, elegance and style. As such, football fans can show allegiance for their team, and look great while doing so.

This dual purpose is the reason why the German jersey is considered the best world cup 2014 jersey.

Therefore, if there was a FIFA 2014 Jersey World Cup, Germany would have won it by a mile.